Wellbeing In schools


1 in 5 students are living with a mental health issue, with depression and anxiety topping the list

wellbeing in schools & resilience of stress

Lets help the wellbeing & Resilience of children

Booking your wellbeing services and resilience course could help tackle what I am sure you feel are staggering figures.

  • 33% of students often or always feel lonely
  • 8% of students often or always feel anxious or worried

The study also found that feelings of loneliness and worry almost always exclusively appear together, which means students who are homesick or isolated are vulnerable when it comes to struggles with mental health right now. 

Main Sources of Stress

Isolation and health-related anxiety are triggering stress in young adults right now. Some of the main factors that impact student mental health include


Health, Wellbeing & Resilience Workshops 

You probably already know that wellbeing in schools is the aim of the programme and it is designed to have a positive impact on individuals and make children more resilient to any ACE’s (Adverse Childhood Experiences) they may have experienced.
You might not have noticed but it will also have a positive impact on the overall well-being and increase the resilience of the students.
The sessions can be delivered to primary schools as well as to colleges and universities and can be part of your commitment to the wellbeing in schools programme.
The focus will be on educating the individual about their mental health and resilience as seen on the Action4Youth inspiration programme.


 If you make that contact today, then you can begin to see a positive change in your young people and help them change their futures and understand their pasts. 


Imagine improving wellbeing in Schools Today!!

create wellbeing in schools & resilience today
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Our aim is to support an increase in resilience  & wellbeing in schools

Our resilience courses start at a 1 hour online remote learning which can be delivered on Zoom, Teams or your chosen media.
How would it feel if your children could also take part in workshops, which increase their awareness as part of a 6-week programme on fitness & wellbeing?
Our fitness and wellbeing team are experts at creating programmes which include the following;
  • Health & Wellbeing workshops
  • Mental Health First Aid courses
  • Outdoor Boot camps to increase fitness
  • Wellbeing sessions around improving our understanding of nature & its benefits.

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Inspirational & Motivational Workshops

wellbeing in schools & resilience


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