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Strategical & personal

Steve was an excellent coach for me and really found the time to come up with a strategical and personal plan which could really stretch all aspects of my skillset. He would use leading questions in order for me to logically determine the correct answer or solution to the problem myself, which really made his professionalism and calibre as a tutor shine through. I would fully recommend him and happily use him again. Thank you.



Kindness, care & patience

Experiencing life events (our own and others) qualify us to share our learned wisdom. I’ve known Stephen both personally and professionally for over 30 years. Whilst serving in the British Army with Stephen, we deployed to Operation Granby (Gulf War I), volunteered for French Commando Training in guerilla warfare with the French Army and served together on operations in other theatres of war. I have also worked with Stephen as a coach and his wisdom, kindness, care, patience and humour lends him well to mentoring/coaching and the suggestion that a “change of course” could be beneficial whilst reflecting on how we came to be in the present moment and learning what action to take to “keep on course”. Stephen is someone who can be relied upon whilst navigating through life’s more challenging stages. Stop, check your position, adjust your journey to your destination and set off again, confident you’re heading in the right direction..



Life coach, counsellor or mental health

I have known Stephen for a number of years. During this time Stephen has worked hard to bring about an understanding of Mental Health. Stephen has been keen to learn about other cultures and how mental health is viewed. Keen to help break down the wall of fear that may exist within diverse communities. I would be keen to recommend Stephen as a life coach, counsellor, as well as working with communities around Mental Health awareness



Mental Health training

I would highly recommend Stephen he has planned and delivered sessions for young people on our Inspiration programme. Sharing his wealth of knowledge and skill to support them with their resilience building and mental health.


21/12/21, Action4Youth


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