Fitness Trainer for Schools, Colleges

personal boxing trainer - improve dicipline & confidence

Personal Boxing Trainer 

We can supply a fitness trainer to run workshops that can be conducted at your school or at one of our fitness centres.

Our workshops are tailored so that:

  • The Health & wellbeing programmes will build resilience, teamwork and improved health.
  • Can improve fitness levels with challenges, which can include a personal boxing trainer.
  • You can maintain good mental health
  • Become more effective in groups by improving confidence


Youth Exercise Programs

Improving children’s confidence while recognising they may have had traumatic experiences in life. We also tackle obesity and recognise the cost to the NHS and society following their guidlines.

Weight Training

Guided training with a fitness trainer who is skilled in preparing programmes for young people and adults.

A personal Boxing trainer is able to teach discipline, confidence and improve self-esteem

Goal Setting

At Fitality we have qualified professional personal coaches, wellbeing coaches, fitness trainers and personal boxing trainers that can all set you achiveable realistic goals. 

fitness trainer for your school or college

One on One Coaching

Mindset Coaching

Nutrition Plans & Coaching

If you are looking to improve the fitness of your children, yourself or a family member then we have the team. 

We Develop a Plan that works for You

Inspirational & Motivational Workshops

Learn how to improve your confidence

Become fitter, stronger & more positive.

Improve your self-esteem & set goals.

About Us

If you choose a fitness trainer from Fitality it is likely they have a link to the military. This is because we find they are skilled at motivating clients and children to perform to the best of their ability


Let Your children feel better today!!

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